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Email: info@garrion.co.uk  Telephone: 0771 363 1143
The total cost of a client’s website is of course dependent on size and complexity. As guidance this might be £50 for a straightforward single page site and say £30  per page thereafter. In addition the client will need to arrange a domain and webspace for the new  web site (Garrion Enterprises are happy to assist).  Garrion Enterprises fees include website maintenance - updating the site as  instructed by the client.  All too often web sites remain dormant and neglected  after they have been created - how many can you readily find that have not been  updated for months - even years! - and which give information which has long  since become time expired. Negative marketing at its worst!  Should the client wish to update the site personally Garrion Enterprises will  advise on the appropriate software required.  Please contact us for a quotation  and advice at the contact details given above.
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