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Special Offer
In order to get an immediate web presence it is often advantageous to set up a  single page site and develop additional pages later. Consequently for a limited period Garrion Enterprises is prepared to offer a  discount of the equivalent of 50% of the first page costs against the costs of a final website (minimum of five pages in total)  In addition Garrion Enterprises is offering to temporarily host a one page website  for up to two months free of charge, pending the setting up of the client’s domain  name and independent webspace.  During that period the URL of the website  would be www.garrion.co.uk/clientname.  After the two month period if the client wishes to retain or update the site the client will require to pay the appropriate fees and make their own arrangements to host  it. (Garrion Enterprises will be happy to assist with this if required).  
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Special Offer